Corporate Culture

Enterprise Culture

Excellent staf are the largest walth of DONGHUANG.
DongHuang pays atenton to the growth of stalt, improves stalf sls and qultes by varhous means.
DongHuang' S deveopment needs the support fom domestic and foreign austomers,helpness and winess.

Company Quailty Policy
Aways do the frt thing well, in order to meet the needs of customers;
Continuously improve everything we did, in order to meet the expecations of austomers.
Qulty standards: auslomer salisfadion rate≥85points
The completion of new product development rale: 90%
The extemal PPM value: 3000
Tmely delvery rate: 100%
Safety acident rate: 0
Continual improvement project number. 1 1 year


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